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More about me

My most recent work experience includes three and a half years as a Sergeant Deputy Constable 
​where I was responsible to execute criminal and civil warrants, summons, and many other legal documents. Another responsibility as a Sergeant Deputy was to train other officers on how to properly execute all legal documents.   I served faithfully as a Sergeant Deputy Constable until my appointment in March 2013. 


Currently I work closely with the Washington City Justice Court where I execute criminal warrants for the court. These duties include locating hard to find individuals, collecting bail, arresting and transporting individuals to jail, writing detailed reports, and maintaining professionalism during stressful situations. 

I would like the opportunity to earn your business. I take pride in this appointed position and the opportunities this appointment brings. I will serve your legal documents in an efficient, professional, and courteous manner for all of Saint George and the surrounding areas. I will strive to do my best so that our businesses are successful. In addition to serving your documents, my services also includes: monthly invoices, status updates, and professional reports for each legal document.

I sincerely look forward to working for your business,

Andre C. Brazzle, Chief Constable

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